Skewjack 71

Established in 1971, Skewjack was the first original, definitive British surf camp based in Sennen Cove, Cornwall. Renowned for perfect surf and wild partying, Skewjack was a paradise of escapism for those who sought the magical formula of pure madness, love affairs and golden adventures.

Over time, the elaborate stories from Skewjack became a phenomenon attracting people from far and wide to stay at the surf camp that had become legendary around Great Britain.

At only one pound a night and '2 girls to every guy' guaranteed, thousands of Skewies passed through the surf camp leaving a path of destruction as they rode the waves of the free life.

In 1973, the camp started selling tees, surf wax and posters as mementoes to those with a reminiscent eye. Today, Skewjack continues to offer a collection of premium clothing made in Great Britain and inspired from the original surf camp.

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